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At last, the industry has a comprehensive technology solution to automate and streamline patient management

Doctor viewing Pulse Patient Dashboard (not real patient info)
Integrated Payment

Simple quote creation with integrated invoicing and payment gateway


Smooth phone, text, and email communications all in one central location

& Analytics

Convenient dashboards displaying bookings, patient status, and revenue

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Patient Coordination

The Pulse algorithm matches your patients with our global network of independent coordinators

Pulse video call feature

Your patients are matched with coordinators that know your procedures and your patients’ languages


Assigned coordinators use Pulse technology ensuring straightforward patient management

Patient Success

Access a secure dashboard to track step-by-step actions, outcomes, bookings, and revenues

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Medical Travel Marketing Services

Scale your business and generate predictable revenue with our proven lifecycle marketing services

Pulse Analytics Dashboard

Landing pages that perform 300% better than your existing solution


Email nurture sequences that engage your patient prospects while they weigh their options

Loyalty &

Personalized newsletters, post-op support, and affiliate programs that bring patients back

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With Pulse, we’ve treated 100s of medical travelers. Thanks to the platform, we are able to stay in touch with patients and provide follow-up care. Pulse has been a wonderful asset.

Pulse Doctor - Max Greig M.D.
Max Greig M.D.
Orthopedic Surgeon

Pulse provides structure and efficiency to patient coordinators. You get a high quality, built-in network of providers and patient leads, giving you more resources to dedicate to relationship building and customer service.

Pulse Care Coordinator - Dubhe Licup
Dubhe Licup
Care Coordinator

The Pulse platform has made my medical tourism practice grow in a very important way. Most of all, it has made it much more professional and reassuring, not only for me, but for patients to know exactly what they’re receiving. I think what Pulse has achieved is a great success.

Pulse Doctor - Allan Ceballos M.D.
Allan Ceballos, M.D.
Plastic Surgery

We’ve had great success working with the Pulse team. They’ve connected us with great patients. The technology is state of the art and unique. We hope to continue working with them and see our success continue.

Pulse Client- Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez
Office Manager of Loval Dental

Pulse allows us to have predictive revenue. By vetting and funneling patients directly to us, they decrease our headaches, increase our revenue, and allow us to do what we do best: provide care to patients at the highest level

Pulse Doctor - Sam Najmabadi M.D.
Sam Najmabadi M.D.
Founder, Punta Mita Hospital

I am very impressed with the technology, which allows me to grow my medical tourism practice, keep in touch with patients, and monitor revenue. I make more money, save time, and have fewer headaches. Thank you Pulse.

Pulse Doctor - Rafael Iñigo M.D.
Rafael Iñigo, M.D.
Orthopedic Knee Specialist
Pulse Logo in the background

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