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Since 2000, the Pulse founding team has led the medical tourism industry, developing technology solutions and building relationships with doctors, administrators, and patient-care coordinators across the globe.

We’ve hosted conferences, developed certification and training programs, and fervently advocated for price transparency and quality control. The Pulse platform is the result of these years spent dedicated to the industry, as well as the lessons learned along the way.

Founder, Robert Page, Presenting at TechCrunch

Founder, Robert Page, Presenting at TechCrunch

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Our Mission

Pulse’s Core Mission is to legitimize the medical travel industry as not only a viable path, but often as the preferred path - one that empowers patients with dignified choice, price transparency, and advocacy.
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How do we do it?

We accomplish this by partnering with the world’s best providers and patient-care coordinators, equipping them with cutting-edge technology to manage their patient relationships. The Pulse platform secures sensitive patient data, keeps information organized and accessible, and supports their efforts to provide terrific pre- and post-operative care.
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What you get?

Whether you are a provider, healthcare administrator, patient-care coordinator, employer, or patient, the Pulse ecosystem was built to foster quality relationships, save you time and money, and optimize your medical travel experience.
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Bringing You World-Class Healthcare

How We Select Providers
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Provider invitations are reserved for medical and dental professionals that meet our strict entry requirements.

Our Medical Board meets and conducts individual evaluations to confirm experience, quality, and past patient history.

Credentials, certifications, and licenses are independently verified to ensure adherence to current medical standards.

Maintaining Quality

Medical and dental professionals must maintain good standing, and have zero incidences of medical malpractice.

Medical and dental professionals admitted to the Pulse ecosystem must have at least 3 years of experience within their specified field, as well as perform a procedure 50+ times before it can be listed as a service on Pulse (exceptions are made for rare procedures).

Medical professionals are frequently re-evaluated to ensure quality, patient satisfaction, and medical compliance.

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How We Select Hospitals and Clinics

Pulse ensures that affiliated surgical facilities are of the highest quality. To support this, we request that providers perform their procedures at institutions which have received Joint Commission International or equivalent accreditation.
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